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The Hitmaker Learning Experience aims to revolutionize the creative industry by integrating the current music education study with practical real-time learning via the music and entertainment industry experts.


Our enrichment programmes are perfect for those who are looking to either enhance their music skills, those who are looking to do graded music exams or even those who are looking to do it as a hobby! This programme is cater to both kids & adults!

Each student will be given a professional portfolio, inclusive of a professional headshot, bio & a high-quality video/audio recording of their performance.



 One of the fast-track higher education programme that offers a blended learning environment where students will experience real life scenarios and taught by real industry professionals, including our Global Experience Directors, who are award winners and GRAMMY nominated !


Stay up to date with any festivals, masterclasses or competitions with us!

Hitmaker Festival is where we provide a platform for all musicians, both amateur and professionals, to showcase and promote various forms of music development and awareness. From the classical music concerts to contemporary music production masterclasses. Hitmaker Festivals also organized an annual international competition where musicians of all ages can participate and learn from the best in the industry.

The Hitmaker Programme is an experiential higher learning.

Our programs are designed by the team of highly experienced creative industry experts to simulate the REAL scenario of the real world.


Students will expect to study a selection of modules created based on the four themes that are FAME, STAR, LIVE, and MAKE.

Within these themes of specializations, students expect to learn and practically apply their knowledge in an actual working environment simulated by the REAL Award-Winning Music Producers, Artists, Stage & Events Managers, Agents, etc. 

The capstone of these four themes conducted via the Global Experience Workshop (GEX) held in various country i.e., Japan, Singapore, USA, China, Taiwan, and Germany, depending on the modules taken by the student.

Our programs are conducted in a blended learning approach with a combination of classroom studies, online webinars, workshops, and take-home assignments, and research work.


Hitmaker Global Academy is proud to partner with Billboard’s Top 20 Music Business School, Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME) to launch the GEXIP programme where we offer direct entry to some of the best music schools internationally!

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We have launched Hitmaker Online where we offer a virtual all-round experiential learning. 

One of the programmes we offer online are our Masterclasses, or “Hit Tips”, such as Interview Process To Major Music Conservatories.

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