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International Solo & Ensemble Competition 2023

Preliminary May 1 – 15

Final August 6 – 13


The 2022 International SeaKeepers Society Songwriting Competition

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Your Votes Count! Click “❤️” to vote for your favourite song @ TikTok

You can certainly vote for more than one song. Online voting contributes 20% of the total score in the 2022 International SeaKeepers Society Songwriting Competition. Let’s support and make this a rewarding journey for your songwriters! Support the conservation of the oceans through Music. Thank you.

Merry Christmas!

and a Happy New Year  with Jolly Melancholy

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We are an AVID Learning Partner in Singapore

We are proud to be an AVID Learning Partner in Singapore. Our tutors are AVID Certified Experts or Instructors who are industry recognised standard for music production training.


More about AVID Certification

Opentrack music

Hitmaker Global Academy has entered into an agreement with Opentrack, a global music education platform Opentrack, owned by CLESSON Co., Ltd. The collaboration brings together strong global online music contents from award-winning and the best artists, and music producers. 

Press Release
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2021, July 28 | by Therese Ng

As news of the floods in Henan reached the ears of the Chinese community in Singapore, Li Xin, Clarinetist with Singapore Symphony Orchestra who is originally from Henan felt helpless as he watched afar.

Eventually, as he received news that his family is safe and sound, he is filled with gratitude for the help rendered to them. He felt strong stirrings in his heart to do something for the people of Henan.

He quickly made contact with the creative team at Hitmaker Global Academy, and together they produced this song “河南有你”.

This song is dedicated to Henan and her people. Our thoughts are with Henan and may the power of music accompany Henan as she contemplates her loss and rebuilds the city.

This song is also to thank all who have contributed in one way or other in support of Henan.

May the fighting spirit of Henan be strong and always filled with hope.

河南有你 感恩有你

2021, 7月28日 | 刘智卿








Songwriter: Qiu Jiahua
Arranger/Producer: Jerry Poh Productions

Video editor: Online Image

Guitar: KC Lau
Clarinet: Li Xin

Singers: Fara Feng, Li Dan, Hezi, Qiu Jiahua, 相亦辰, 林绮津, Junior Tan

作词/作曲: 邱家华
编曲/制作/录音/混音: Jerry Poh Productions
视频编辑制作: Jikey Wee
吉他: KC Lau
单簧管: 李新

演唱: Fara Feng, 李丹, Hezi,
邱家华, 相亦辰, 林绮津, Junior Tan

International Solo & Ensemble Competition 2020/21

Congratulations to the finalist of the International Solo & Ensemble Competition 2020/21.

We are proud to present you the results of the competition held online on the 19 – 30, June 2021 for Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Wuhan centres in China. 

The ISEC 2020/21 top winner of the Ensemble Category for the Advanced Section

MILA Quartet

MILA Quartet achieved the highest score in the finals held on the 19th June in Hangzhou in the Advanced section. The quartet is presented by:

朱可 ZHU KE (First from the left)
慈欢 CI HUAN (Second from the left)
刘章卷 LIU ZHANGJUAN (Second from the right
吕昕阳 LYU XIN YANG (First from the right)


Hello, Chang and Hitmaker staff,

I’m Koichi Enomoto, Saho’s dad.

Thank you very much for all of your supports to make a wonderful recital today! I easily understood you spent lots of time for today’s recital. All of the materials are awesome and the story on the slide, MC and Percussions are all fabulous. It is definitely a precious and memorable session for Saho, which we cannot plan such a session in Japan. My wife and I also enjoyed her plays, in addition, we were able to feel her physical & mental growth in this session.  

It was a surprise to play 4 hands piano and family ensemble but we now realized it was a valuable experience for our family. Thank you so much Chang to make a nice proposal! All of our guests also said your music school is amazing to provide individual recital at a comfortable venue.

Thank you again for providing such a nice moment for us!  

Have a nice YE & NY holidays!




Our enrichment programmes are perfect for those who are looking to either enhance their music skills, those who are looking to do graded music exams or even those who are looking to do it as a hobby! This programme is cater to both kids & adults!

Each student will be given a professional portfolio, inclusive of a professional headshot, bio & a high-quality video/audio recording of their performance.



 One of the fast-track higher education programme that offers a blended learning environment where students will experience real life scenarios and taught by real industry professionals, including our Global Experience Directors, who are award winners and GRAMMY nominated !


Stay up to date with any festivals, masterclasses or competitions with us!

Hitmaker Festival is where we provide a platform for all musicians, both amateur and professionals, to showcase and promote various forms of music development and awareness. From the classical music concerts to contemporary music production masterclasses. Hitmaker Festivals also organized an annual international competition where musicians of all ages can participate and learn from the best in the industry.

The Hitmaker Programme is an experiential higher learning.

Our programs are designed by the team of highly experienced creative industry experts to simulate the REAL scenario of the real world.


Students will expect to study a selection of modules created based on the four themes that are FAME, STAR, LIVE, and MAKE.

Within these themes of specializations, students expect to learn and practically apply their knowledge in an actual working environment simulated by the REAL Award-Winning Music Producers, Artists, Stage & Events Managers, Agents, etc. 

The capstone of these four themes conducted via the Global Experience Workshop (GEX) held in various country i.e., Japan, Singapore, USA, China, Taiwan, and Germany, depending on the modules taken by the student.

Our programs are conducted in a blended learning approach with a combination of classroom studies, online webinars, workshops, and take-home assignments, and research work.


Hitmaker Global Academy is proud to partner with Billboard’s Top 20 Music Business School, Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME) to launch the GEXIP programme where we offer direct entry to some of the best music schools internationally!

Contact info@hitmaker.sg to find out more!



We have launched Hitmaker Online where we offer a virtual all-round experiential learning. 

One of the programmes we offer online are our Masterclasses, or “Hit Tips”, such as Interview Process To Major Music Conservatories.

Contact info@hitmaker.sg to find out more!



Let’s hear what people say about us!

If I were to use three words to describe Ms Chang, it would be: passionate, intelligent and efficient. Her first piano lesson with me – during which she danced and sang throughout the whole musical piece – has left a deep impression on me. It is indeed rare to see such enthusiasm still retained in someone who has so many years of teaching experience. 

Zhe Yu

Junior Academy | Piano

My son’s music took on a whole new form in less than an hour – his piece is now endowed with something different, thanks to his brilliant teacher. Chang’s efficiency is mainly reflected through the way she speaks – concise, succinct, accurate – leaving no room for confusion nor misconstruction. Frankly speaking, Chang is not only a bless to her students, but also that of their parents.

Proud Mother of Luo Min

Junior Academy | Piano

“Our child cello teacher Amanda is energetic and friendly. She encouraged him to try and persist in learning a second instrument.”

Proud Mother of Yi Hua

Junior Academy | Cello

“Thank you for nurturing our kids and installing the interest and discipline of playing musical instruments. We appreciate your kindness and passion for teaching music”

Proud Mother of Yi Qiao, Yi Zhen & Yi Hua

Junior Academy | Piano, Clarinet & Cello

My son had piano lesson each week at Hitmaker with Ms Chang’s class since 2018. I just regret that I didn’t know her earlier, haha…..She has very profound insight and she is very patient to kids especially beginner. My son made big progress these years and become more confident. Really appreciate that we can meet such a good music teacher.

Proud Mother of Yu Yang

Junior Academy | Piano


去年我儿子就参加了Hitmaker组织的International Solo and Ensemble Competition,拿了金奖后他可开心了,今年就一定要再参加比赛!练琴的过程其实还是蛮累蛮枯燥的,但能够适当的参加一些这样的比赛,就会让孩子更有动力练琴,如果能取得好成绩,孩子就会更有成就感,他自己会觉得平时的练琴还是很有意义的~


Proud Mother of Alan Shen Xuren

Hitmaker Festivals & Junior Academy | Piano, Violin, Music Production, Keyboard, & DJ



今年抱着试试看的想法参加了Hitmaker组织的International Solo and Ensemble Competition。自从知道自己要参加比赛了,小朋友们练琴更加认真,以前经常犯的问题居然改了过来。弹钢琴更加自信,经常在学校的音乐课上弹奏他们的参赛曲目。他们已经不在意比赛的名次,他们更享受的是比赛的过程,在比赛过程中,他们进步了,并且他们自己也感受到了自己的进步。现在练琴已经不是那么痛苦和煎熬,因为他们知道,每一个优秀的比赛选手,都是付出过汗水的。


Proud Mother of William & Juliana

Junior Academy & Hitmaker Festivals | Piano, Music Production, DJ


Proud Mother of Alex

Junior Academy | Drum





Proud Mother of John, Hanhan & Melissa

Junior Academy | Music Theory, Piano, Music Production & DJ


Proud Mother of Karen

Junior Academy | Clarinet


Proud Mother of Joey

Junior Academy | Piano & Pop Dance

在 Hitmaker机构上课,昶老师以其独特的、专业的、幽默的教学方式使孩子在学习黑管的道路上进步飞快,享受到学习乐器的快乐!


感恩 Hitmaker!

Proud Mother of Lv Lele

Junior Academy | Clarinet

My son met Ms.Chang when he was 8 years old at an instrument audition. The encouragement and interaction with her made him fall in love with Clarinet. Following Ms. Chang’s recommendation he waited until 9years old to start his practice.

There is a great progress in the past two years but most importantly, as a parent, we never had any arguments at home with his everyday practice. I will say the credit is Ms.Chang’s, she really knows how to encourage and supervise the kids, to make them have the motivation with the learning, and be proud of their achievements.

It is not easy to have a teacher who has a professional background and also knows how to teach children. Ms. Chang is one of the gems I’ll always recommend to friends.

Proud Mother of Brandon Yang

Junior Academy | Academy

Our daughter started her piano lessons with Ms. Chang in the December of 2019. Ms. Chang is patience, engaging and very innovative in her teaching and has enabled our child to growth exponentially in her techniques and make encouraging progress. She even started composing her own song just barely months into her learning due to her passionate with playing the notes.

Not to mentioned that the annual finale events organized by Hitmaker, the ISEC (International Solo & Ensemble Competition) provided the platform for every enthusiastic student to showcase what they have acquired throughout the journey at Hitmaker and shared the joy with others worldwide. Where our child enjoyed it very much and improved tremendously after joining the event.

Hitmaker is definitely the 1-stop music school for all ages, they are professional and passionate about music to have fun with the tunes.

Proud Parents of Wai Qiao Xin

Junior Academy | Piano & Ukulele



Proud Mother of Kexin

Junior Academy | Music Production & Vocal

Mr Oliver taught me music production and guitar for about half a year. I was really enjoying the lesson with him. He is a very knowledgable, interesting and patient teacher. He always tries to teach me different things in different ways. Sometimes we are more like friends. This is because we always discuss our ideas together, or he perfects and realizes my ideas.

Mandy Li

Junior Academy | Music Production, Guitar, Drum, Music Theory, Aural & Solfège

It was a pleasure to be one of the Hitmaker’s students, to have the opportunity to study music and prepare for my future. The teachers have been putting effort into training us with their professions and support our learning with the best they can.

Ms Chang, one of the co-founders who taught me to play the piano and the clarinet, is a fabulous performer and trained instructor that helped me build up on my basic techniques. She helped me to prepare for my ABRSM instruments tests. She guided me through the process of practising on instruments, laid a good foundation.

Mr Matthew, who taught us, ensemble class, is a well-trained musician who can play all the band instruments. He trained our abilities on each instrument, conducted our rehearsals as a rock band, and helped us to develop and improve our collaboration skills. His ensemble classes are usually interesting and enjoyable, we all get our performing techniques built up.

Mr Jeff Miyahara, who taught me about interview skills and music productions, is a professional music producer as well as a great instructor. In his interview class, we learned lots of effective communication skills, as well as self-branding and expressing. We all get the chance to practice answering questions and getting helpful feedback from him. He used his energy to encourage us to be more open and relax during the process of the interview. As a professional,  he also trained my music producing skills in the 1 on 1 production class, using his knowledge and experience of creating music to teach me how to use the DAWs, how to make music sound better. He helped me in preparing my music resume and portfolio, supported me with useful strategies in communicating as well as music-making.

Yang Tingting

Junior Academy | Music Production, Piano, Clarinet, Music Theory, Aural & Solfège, Jazz Piano, Ensemble



此外昶老师和Hitmaker Global Academy 还非常用心的给孩子准备了小演奏会。昶老师不仅仅进行的是钢琴教学,并且对每个孩子因材施教,对孩子都有长远计划和培养。演奏会不仅锻炼了孩子的胆量,让孩子小小年纪就开始积累舞台经验,更让孩子理解和明确了学习音乐的乐趣和目的。通过演奏会,孩子增加了很多信心,我相信这些从小培养起来的经验和信心孩子会终身受益。昶老师和Hitmaker music school帮我们发现了孩子的更多可能性,它打开了一扇门,告诉我们门后的世界有多么精彩。

Proud Mother of Ellia

Junior Academy | Piano

写给vocal Rynn 老师


Proud Mother of Ellia

Junior Academy | Vocal



Proud Mother of Ellia

Junior Academy | Violin

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