The blended learning courses


The Performance Courses

Theme synopsis:

In the LIVE Theme, our blended learning courses offer instructions via the internet of things and face to face intensive workshops at your local centre and our overseas centre. The modules taught in LIVE offers advanced learning in contemporary music performance including instrumental training, vocal, and live performance coaching.

Course Objective:

Aspiring singer/songwriters and live sound engineers learn how to perform and control the big stage.


The course is taught by award winning instrument and vocal coaches teaching finer points of performing for the stage.

Student shall perform on stage and engineer at concert, decibel volumes in various location around the world and the world’s largest stadium, concert halls.


Students assessed by performing practically to demonstrate technical and advance skills, motivation, growth and improvement


The Music Production Courses

Theme synopsis:

In the STAR Theme, our courses set the toughest and most exciting experience student can get from the integration of classroom and the simulation to a REAL working environment. Students get to learn from REAL Artists, REAL Producers, REAL Production, via our intensive GEX workshops. Learn from the best team in the world and learn from the REAL people!


Aspiring songwriters/producers learn the tricks of the trade to write, produce, and engineer songs to hit. 


Thought by award winning songwriters/producers teach how to write chart topping songwriting and production

Our team are currently active award winning artist who will teach, record and perform the student’s songs on various platform including live performances


Students are assessed with practical performance, motivation, growth and improvement


The Artist Management Courses

Theme synopsis:

In the FAME Theme, students are exposed to the need for an effective presentation of artistic quality through innovative work on-the-stage, pre and post-production work. At this stage, the students shall capitalise the imperative skill of being an effective communicator. Our Student has the opportunity to experience the process of planning, development, and supervising the production of creative products bringing it to the market.


Aspiring superstars learn how to dress, walk, and dance for the screen. 

Aspiring visual producers learn how to film, edit, and photograph for maximum impact and exposure.


Thought by award winning fashion designers, art directors, choreographers and photographers, film and music producers.

Student shall learn dance and dress for professional photography and live performance to success. 


Students assessed by practical performance, motivation, growth and improvement


The Professional Development Courses

Theme synopsis:

The MAKE Theme is the recap of the LIVE, STAR, & FAME programme that allow the student to acquire the skills needed to be ready for the creative industry. In MAKE, student learn to engineer their career by acquiring essential skills such as business management skills, negotiations and deal-making ability and perhaps being an entrepreneur or a freelance music producer.


Aspiring music managers and music label execs learn how to create and market a star.


Deliver by high level music management executives, publishers, and A&Rs teach the ropes on how the music business functions.

Learn royalty structures, music and management contract structures, streaming and alternative revenue sources.


Students assessed by performance, motivation, growth and improvement

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