International Ensemble Competition

11 – 15 Jan 2020


Competition is open to amateurs and advanced level students from as young as below 8 to 23 years old. Participants get to compete in an international stage and learn from the best musicians from around the world. 

The competition is held to promote music group performance playing that enhances coordination and collaboration among team members. The competition will challenge participants the ability to play in harmony. 

Competition Rules & Regulations

The competition pre-requisites
  • For instrumental:
    • Minimum 2 person (exclude accompanist) to a maximum of 18 person group (Conductor, if any, is not included);
    • No restrictions on the combination of instruments – free choice;
    • Sonatas are not classified as ensembles
    • Instruments are not provided except piano. Participants are required to bring own instrument.
    • Piano duet category is not available. However, piano 4-hands is allowed.
  • Vocals:
    • Minimum 2 to a maximum of 25 people (exclude accompanist);
    • Accompanist is not provided by the organiser.
Competition Age Group

A. Hitmaker Section for Upcoming Talent (业余组)

1. A category (age 8-years and under): 5 minutes (A组(8岁以下): 5分钟以内 – 英皇考级(ABRSM/LCM等)或中国考级) 协会考级(中央,浙江等)曲目3级

2. B category (age 9-12-years and under): 8 -10 minutes. (B组 (12岁以下): 8-10分钟以内 – 英皇考级(ABRSM/LCM等)或中国考级协会考级(中央,浙江等)曲目5级)

3. C category (age 13018 years and under): 10-12 minutes. (C组 (18岁以下): 10-12分钟以内 – 英皇考级(ABRSM/LCM等)或中国考级协会考级(中央,浙江等)曲目7级)

4. Adult category (age 19-24 years): 12-15 minutes. (D组 (19-23岁): 12-15分钟以内 – 英皇考级(ABRSM/LCM等)或中国考级协会考级(中央,浙江等)曲目8级)


B. Advanced – for professional young musicians (专业组)

1. A category (age 8 – 12-years and under): 8 minutes. (A组 (12岁以下): 8分钟以内 – 英皇考级(ABRSM/LCM等)或中国考级协会考级(中央,浙江等)曲目7级)

2. B category (age 13-18 years and under): 10-12 minutes. (B组 (18岁以下): 10-12分钟以内 – 英皇考级(ABRSM/LCM等)或中国考级协会考级(中央,浙江等)曲目8级)

3. C category (age 19-23 years and under): 12-15 minutes. (C组 (19-23岁): 12-15分钟以内)

4. Open category (no age limited): 15-18 minutes (D组公开组 (无年龄限制): 15-18分钟以内)

重奏( 室内乐) 科目每位选手不能超过 23 岁,并以平均年龄四舍五入的方式分组。
重奏( 室内乐) 科目专业组及非专业组分开进行比赛

Repertoire Requirements
  1. Repertoires must comprise of two (2) complete contrasting pieces (composition or movement) from a different period (as listed below) except instruments such as accordion, harmonica, percussion, and choir. Alternatively, participants can choose one from a Chinese composer and one from an international composer;
  2. For accordion, harmonica, and percussions, repertoire must comprise of two (2) contrasting style selected from any period or same period;
  3. For choir, repertoire must comprise of two (2) contrasting piece selected from any period or same period;
  4. Upon registration, participants are required to indicate clearly the key signature, movements and opus number;
  5. Participants are advised to select a suitable repertoire based on the stipulated time allowed for the competition. Choice of exam piece must be of complete repertoire, excepts are not allowed. Adjudicators may interrupt or completely stop the performance if it exceeds the allowed time. Group unison playing is forbidden;
  6. Piano accompanist is not provided by the organiser;
  7. Repertoire written by same composer crossing different period can be selected;
  8. If a re-arranged repertoire is chosen for the competition, the same composer using arranging repertoire crossing different period is accepted;
  9. Repertoire chosen must achieve a minimum duration of not less than 6 minutes and no longer than 12 minutes.
Contrasting Period/Composers Definition
  1. Renaissance and early Baroque (before 1650)

Example: François Couperin, Jean Mouton.


  1. Baroque (as of 1750)

Example: George Frideric Handel, Johann Christian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi.


  1. Classical (1750 – 1820)

Example: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Joseph Haydn.


  1. Romantic (1820 – 1910)

Example: Franz Schubert, Felix Mendelssohn, Robert Schumann, Franz Liszt, Alexander Borodin, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Antonín Dvořák, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Johannes Brahms, Frédéric Chopin, Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns, Sergei Rachmaninoff.


  1. 20/21 Century Modernism (after 1910)

Example: Paul Hindemith, Igor Stravinsky, Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály, Vladimir Ivanovich Martynov, Dmitri Shostakovich, Benjamin Britten, Aram Khachaturian, Dmitry Kabalevsky, Sergei Prokofiev, György Ligeti, Aaron Copland, Francis Poulenc, Ernst Krenek, Jean Françaix, Alfred Schnittke, Karol Szymanowski, Witold Lutosławski, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Arnold Schoenberg, John Cage, György Kurtág, Luciano Berio, George Crumb, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov,  Isang Yun, Penderecki Krzysztof, Bernd Alois Zimmermann.


  1. Chinese composers from all period
Registration Notice
  1. Registration deadline: 15th December 2019
    1. Registration method: Complete the registration form and send via email to:
    2. Participating group photo is to be submitted together with the completed form upon registration. Group photo must be taken with the highest quality in JPEG format for printing purpose. Photos taken by cell phone is not accepted.

Registration is open to both Singaporean and International candidates. International candidates are required to participate in the full 5 days 4 nights festival as arranged by the organiser.

报名截止时间: 2019年12月15日

具体报名信息请参看Hitmaker Global Academy网站


Registration Fees

1. For Singaporean, Singapore Permanent Residence, Employment Pass, Dependant Pass, and S Pass holders: (In Singapore Dollar)

  • A minimum of 2 people: S$100/person
  • Subsequent 3rd – 10th person: S$50/person
  • A group of 11 – 18 person: S$800/group

Package includes:

  • Competition manual
  • Competition entry pass
  • Masterclasses (audience only)
  • Concert tickets – 3 tickets per participants (1 for participants + 2 guesses)
  • The final concert performance ticket is sold at S$10 each for additional guest.

2. For international candidates: (Payment before November 15, 2019)

  • Student Fee: S$1,550 (approximately RMB 7,800)
  • The first parent will be charged S$1,350, the second parent will be S$1,150 (staying in the same room as the student)
  • The accompanying person under the age of 4 will be S$200, and the third parent will be S$1,350.

11人-18人团体报名 新币800/组




Payment Method

All fees shall be paid in full to the organiser the latest by 31st December 2018. The remittance details are as below:

  • Bank Name: Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited (OCBC Bank
  • Bank Code: 7339
  • Branch Code: 713
  • Swift Code: OCBCSGSG
  • Account name: Hitmaker Global Academy Pte Ltd
  • Account Number: 713-09833-3001
  • Bank Address: OCBC BANK 65 Chulia Street OCBC Centre Singapore 049513
Award & Prizes


Points Awards
90 -100 Gold with Honours
80 – 89 Gold
70 – 79 Silver
60 – 69 Bronze
50 – 59 Certificate of Excellence


For Gold with Distinction and Gold Awards, teachers will receive the Outstanding Teacher Award and the Excellent Chamber Music Tutorage Award.

The Performance Awards

  • Selected winner and/or the highest score winner shall perform at the awards concert
  • Winner with the highest score shall receive a special dedicated piece of repertoire composed to the group by Mr Hardy Mertens, a renowned composer from Holland.

Cash Prize (For Professional Group Only)

  • Gold with Honours Award 1 group – SGD 1,000;
  • Gold Award 1 group – SGD 500;
  • Silver Award 1 group – SGD 300;
  • Bronze 1 group – SGD 200






The readers and participants acknowledge the following terms and conditions for the International Ensemble Competition 2020. Participants shall abide by all rules and regulations including any unforeseen changes to the rules and regulation published on the website. All information on the website is as accurate as published.


A. Participants:  Includes competition candidates, teachers, team leaders, parents and guardians. Participants are people registered with the organiser of the International Ensemble Competition 2019. Non-registered accompanying guests shall observe and comply with the rules and regulations of Singapore and the event at all time.


I confirmed and acknowledge that:

  1. I have read and acknowledge to comply with the rules and regulations set by the organiser at all time;
  2. I shall communicate the rules and regulations to all members of the ensemble group under my care including parents and participating guests and invitees;
  3. I clearly understand that if in any case, myself and/or any of the members, including all listed in the form violate the rules and regulations, the organiser has the right to take necessary action including the barring of the participation rights; and
  4. Sending of the form does not constitute successful registration for the competition until payments are made.
  5. The event organiser reserved the rights to amend the contents, rules and regulations of the International Ensemble Competition 2019 whenever it seems fit.
  6. The Organizing Committee is responsible for arranging accomodation and check in time is 2 PM on January 11, 2020 to 12 PM on January 15 (due to different competition time, the organizing committee is unable to arrange group lunch and dinner, only breakfast and dining voucher shall be provided at the competition venue).
  7. The Organizing Committee recommends that all participants purchase insurance on their own. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the following accidents during the competition: Loss of property and personal injury to all entrants and accompanying persons. All entrants and accompanying persons cause personal, material and moral damage to others. Any personal, material or moral damage caused by the entrant and the accompanying person himself or to others.
  8. The Organizing Committee has the final interpretation & decision of the activities of the “2020 Singapore International Repertoire”. In case of any dispute, the final settlement shall be subject to the opinions of the organizing committee.
  9. Refund: If you apply for a refund, you need to provide a visa refusal, a doctor’s certificate, etc., and no valid certificate will not be refunded.
    1. 90% refund before November 15.
    2. Refund 70% before November 20.
    3. Refund 40% before December 1.
    4. No refund will be given after December 2nd, and you can apply to participate in the next competition.

 1. 饮食住宿
2. 安全保险:组委会建议所有参加人员自行购买保险。
3. 组委会对“2020新加坡国际重奏大赛”的各项活动享有最终解释权。若有任何争议,最终解决以组委会意见为准。
4. 凡报名者在报名表中签名后,即视为同意比赛通知事项中所有内容并承诺遵行。
5. 退款:申请退款者需提供签证拒签,医生证明等证明,无有效证明者不予退款。

Organising Committee

Chang Hong

Chang Hong

Welcome to the International Ensemble Competition 2020. I hope you will enjoy the fruits of your music learning journey with us and bring home with great results and enhanced knowledge.

Andy Wong

Andy Wong

I am proud to be the organising member of the inaugural International Ensemble Competition. This event shall celebrate and welcome the year of 2020. I wish all contestants all the best!

IEC 2019 Success Story

Ling Xiao Quartet

Ling Xiao Quartet is the Gold with Honours winner of the IEC 2019. The group were selected to perform a recording for Haruma Miura, a Japanese actor and singer, latest song “Fight For Your Heart”. The song achieved Top 12 of the Japan Top 20 Chart.


Fight For Your Heart

Produced by Jeff Miyahara | Lyrics written by Kanata Okajima | Music written by Jeff Miyahara, U, Kuraaki, Hori | Arranged by Jeff Miyahara, U, Kuraaki Hori | Strings performed by Ling Xiao String Quartet (Central Conservatory Of Music)

Haruma Miura recorded at Victor Studio by Jeff Miyahara | Vocal Post Production Ted Trembinski | Mixed by Jon Rezin for the Soda Factory, Los Angeles | Mastered by John Horesco for One Up Mastering Atlanta

IEC 2019

Concert & Award Ceremony

The Competition Important Notices

These are important information to take note so that you are fully prepared for the competition.

Competition Day

Date: 11 – 12 Jan 2019
Time: 1000 – 1700

Stanfort-Hitmaker Faculty of Music

Festives Arts Theatre, Our Tampines Hub, 1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523

Performance & Award Ceremony

Date: 13 Jan 2019
Time: 1900 – 2100

Festive Arts Theatre

Our Tampines Hub, 1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523


(Additional Ticket for non-Tampines residence)

Ticket collection at Level 3 Arts Room 3, Lobby J, South Plaza (By appointment only) @ Our Tampines Hub


Predicted Weather

Temperature: 29°
Thunderstorms: 20%
Humidity: 33%
Wind: 11km/h

Associate Professor Zuo Jun - IEC Chairman

Zuo Jun currently is an associate professor and the head of violin studies of Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, he also is a guest Professor at the Wuhan Conservatory. Zuo became a permanent faculty member of the Texas Music Festival in 2007, he is also invited as a faculty member of the Schlern International Music Festival in Italy since 2010 and Saarburg International music festival, Germany. In 2016, as a founder and artistic director, he has established the 1st Yilan International Music Festival in Taiwan. He has been invited as artistic director of 1st Qing Yuan International Music Festival in Guangzhou, China.

Our Adjudicators and renowned music experts

One of our greatest achievement in organising one of the most prestigious competitions in Singapore is our panel of adjudicators and music experts from around the world. We are proud to be able to host a pool of such talents here in Singapore. With their support and dedication to this event, we are very sure that our participants can maximise their learning experience from the rigorous teaching and judging process.

Hardy Mertens

Hardy Mertens

Artistic Advisor

Ning Fangliang

Ning Fangliang


Gao Jiasi

Gao Jiasi


Ma Yue

Ma Yue


Guo Yongsheng

Guo Yongsheng


Jin Ta

Jin Ta


Ng Yu Ying

Ng Yu Ying


Yang Yichen

Yang Yichen


Leslie Wong

Leslie Wong


Hardy Mertens

Hardy Mertens (Nieuwenhagen/Netherlands, 1960) studied musicology at the Utrecht University as well as composition and band conducting at the Utrecht Music Conservatory. He started his musical career as a clarinettist and arranger in the Netherlands Royal Military Band but later became known worldwide as a composer and conductor.

At present, he is a professor in band conducting & composing at the Tilburg Fontys University of the Arts and resident conductor of the Koninklijke Harmonie Orpheus Tilburg. He is also an associate conductor with the Netherlands Police Orchestra. Hardy is playing an active role as guest conductor, clinician, lecturer and judge particularly in Singapore and Italy and he also has had occasional engagements as guest conductor in USA, Canada, Israel, Hong Kong and many European countries.

For his achievements in the field of wind music in general and especially for the Corpo Bandistico di Borgosatollo, this city awarded Hardy their honorary citizenship in May 2016.

His compositions are performed worldwide and have often been recorded by top bands, in addition to being chosen as compulsory pieces for the World Music Contest and various other international contests. His music is rooted in the European orchestral tradition and is often influenced by folk music from different continents. It contains traditional tonality, extended melody lines and percussive patterns and these are often combined with humorous surprises and unusual sounds. This complexity usually results in a high grade of difficulty and sometimes this causes controversy with conductors and musicians.

Occasionally Hardy also composes and arranges in the field of light music. Several of these songs have achieved favourable positions in the Dutch hit charts

Yang Yichen


中央音乐学院教师杨一晨生于北京,籍贯台湾,祖父为著名作曲家江文也。杨一晨作为大提琴演奏者与室内乐演奏者在中国古典音乐领域获得了令人瞩目的成绩。2005年他发起创立“琥珀四重奏 Amber Quartet”。


杨一晨与琥珀四重奏的演出足迹遍布世界几十个国家的音乐厅,接受了包括世界权威音乐杂志“The Strad”,China Daily、新华社、音乐周报、新京报等数十家国内外媒体的专访。今天,琥珀四重奏作为中国室内乐领域的代表团体,受邀在多个世界知名音乐节举办专场音乐会,比如“波恩贝多芬音乐节”与加拿大“MISQA”弦乐四重奏音乐节等,获得了世界乐坛的高度认可,被誉为“当今国际室内乐引领者之一”(Alban Berg Quartet ,Günter Pichler)

杨一晨曾获得多项荣誉: 他曾在“第六届中国大提琴比赛”、“中央音乐学院大提琴比赛”以及“中央音乐学院协奏曲公开赛”中获得金奖与银奖;曾获中国国家奖学金、中央音乐学院奖学金、漫步者音乐家奖学金、香港“吴凤洲”奖学金、西班牙 Albenniz 奖学金。杨一晨曾担任中国青年交响乐团大提琴首席,中央音乐学院名家室内乐团大提琴首席。2010年,杨一晨获得“北京四中”驻校艺术家称号、2014年入选汉能“英才”计划;2015年获得中央音乐学院颁发的最高荣誉证书。2019年入选国家艺术基金青年人才项目。




杨一晨自幼展现出了优秀的音乐天赋,他先后以第一名的成绩考入中央音乐学院附小、附中及大学,2011年保送为中央音乐学院研究生,多次获得国家级奖学金。 2013年,杨一晨获得公派留学资格,考入马德里国际室内乐学院,追随国际四重奏权威 Alban Berg Quartet 深造,2015年他以满分的成绩毕业。杨一晨先后师从宋涛教授、朱亦兵教授、Günter Pichler 教授与 Valentin Erben 教授。他还曾受到 Bernard Greenhouse、 Lynn Harrell、飞利浦·缪勒、马友友、王建等大师的指导。


Ning Fangliang




宁方亮作为琥珀四重奏(Amber Quartet)创始人与第一小提琴,曾实现中国古典音乐的历史性突破:2013年,琥珀四重奏一揽墨尔本亚太国际室内乐比赛最高奖及两个单项奖,成为第一组获得国际室内乐比赛最高奖的中国四重奏,实现了中国室内乐在国际职业比赛中零的突破。指挥大师Lorin Maazle盛赞琥珀四重奏“他们是一组卓越的四重奏!”,而室内乐大师Günter Pichler则称“他们将成为世界四重奏的引领者。”

除此之外宁方亮还获得了一系列荣誉,包括中国音乐“金钟奖”,CCTV小提琴大赛金奖等。她还曾担任“中国少年交响乐团”首席、“中国青年交响乐团”首席及日本“小泽征尔音乐塾”客座首席,被小泽征尔称为“极具音乐才华的优秀首席”。宁方亮还曾获得多项荣誉,包括中国国家奖学金、中央音乐学院奖学金、漫步者音乐家基金、香港“吴凤洲”奖学金、西班牙 Albenniz 奖学金等。2010年宁方亮获得“北京四中”驻校艺术家称号,2015年获得中央音乐学院颁发的最高荣誉证书,以表彰她为学院及国家争得的国际荣誉。

宁方亮接受了包括“The Strad”、澳大利亚Abc广播、China Daily,新华社、中央电视台等等一系列国内外权威媒体的专访,并与世界杰出音乐家保持着密切的合作,如 小泽征尔、Charles Neidich、David Shifrin、Paul Meyer、Phlippe Berrod、胡坤等。

宁方亮毕业于中央音乐学院与马德里国际室内乐学院,师承中央音乐学院林耀基教授、薛伟教授以及享誉世界的阿班贝尔格四重奏Günter Pichler教授。宁方亮使用小提琴为中华基金会提供,琴盒由法国Bam公司赞助。

Leslie Wong

Leslie Wong Kah Ho (b. Singapore, 2 August 1982) is one of the most prolific saxophonists from Singapore. He graduated from the University of Wyoming (M.M, 2012), and the Mahidol University, College of Music (B.M, 2010). He is currently enrolled in the Doctoral Program at the Mahidol University, College of Music. His primary teachers are Dr. Scott Turpen and Shyen Lee.

Leslie co- founded the Amigo Saxophone Quartet in 2008, a group which has performed together since 2009 in Asia and Europe. The Amigo Saxophone Quartet is an advocate of new saxophone music, and has premiered new works by notable Asian composers. In 2014, the Amigo Saxophone Quartet founded the Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy.

From 2006 to 2010, Leslie was a grant recipient from the National Arts Council (Singapore) for his studies at the Mahidol University, College of Music. Leslie was nominated into Pi Kappa Lambda for his superior scholastic work at the University of Wyoming. In 2016, Leslie received the coveted National Arts Council (Singapore) Postgraduate Scholarship for his Doctoral Studies at the Mahidol University, College of Music.

Deeply devoted as a pedagogue, Leslie is currently the lecturer of saxophone at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He also serves as a coach to the saxophone section of various school bands in Singapore and maintains an active saxophone studio at the Flute and Music Academy (Singapore).

Leslie is a Selmer Paris and D’Addario Woodwind artist and plays on Selmer Paris saxophones and D’Addario reeds exclusively. 

Ng Yu Ying

Ng Yu-Ying is the leader and co-founder of the critically-acclaimed T’ang Quartet based in Singapore. Founded in 1992, the Quartet has been reputed to present ground-breaking and artistically-challenging repertoire, engaging audiences through finely crafted musical expression and innovative programmes. The Quartet has been in residence at the Yong Siew TohConservatory of Music, National University of Singapore, and has been involved in developing chamber music studies at the Conservatory since its inception.

 Born in Singapore, Ng Yu-Ying demonstrated talent in violin performance from a young age and subsequently pursued professional music studies in the United Kingdom with Clarence Myerscough and Erich Greenberg at the Royal Academy of Music where he also took lessons with internationally-renowned violinist, Anne-Sophie Mutter. While at the Academy, Yu-Ying received several awards for his performance, including the Alex Templeton Prize, Roth Prize and the Dominion Fellowship.

After graduating from the Academy’s undergraduate programme with First-Class Honours, Yu-Ying joined the Singapore Symphony Orchestra as an orchestral violinist. Throughout his tenure with the orchestra, Yu-Ying was frequently featured as soloist. He also collaborated with violist, Jiri Heger, and brought performances to the Czech Republic, including appearances in live-televised programmes.

In 1992, Yu-Ying co-founded the T’ang Quartet whichimmediately debuted to critical acclaim with their unique approach to presenting chamber music to diverse audience. In 1997, the quartet was awarded a fellowship to train and perform in the USA with celebrated artists Martha and Paul Katz of the Cleveland Quartet, Norman Fischer, Kenneth Goldsmith and Sergiu Luca at the Shepherd School of Music in Rice University. For the next 20 years, the Quartet would go on to break boundaries in performance, give concerts at major festivals across the UK, USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China and Southeast Asia, as well as train a generation of chamber musicians in Singapore.

In addition to a busy high-profile performance schedulewith the Quartet, Yu-Ying is constantly in high demand as a violin teacher and also works intensively with his own violin studio at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music where he is an artist faculty. He is frequently invited as jury for festivals and competitions and also presents masterclasses throughout the year with recent appearances at the Raffles International Music Festival and the Singapore International Violin Festival in 2016.

Gao Jiasi


Guo Yongsheng

美籍华人郭永生,现任四川音乐学院外籍大提琴教授。 1988年毕业于中央音乐学院 ,以优异的成绩获得全额奖学金前往美国,在美国Michigan State University和University of Southern California 大学继续深造,并获得了大提琴博士演奏家文凭。 在国内师从于著名大提琴教育家陈九鹤教授,王祥教授,前来中国讲学的美国世界大师Aldo Parisot和法国世界大师Maurice Gendron, 得到了他们的精心指导。 在国外师从于世界著名的Owen Carmen 教授,Eleonore Schoenfeld 教授和Ronald Leonard 教授。以优异的成绩被保送进入美国Grand Lansing 交响乐团担任大提琴副首席,同时考入Flint交响乐团,Midland交响乐团,Kalamazoo交响乐团,洛杉矶联合交响乐团以及上海爱乐乐团担任大提琴首席。

郭永生先生在美国从事音乐教育和演奏多年,是美国音乐教师协会和音乐家协会的会员,他的很多学生先后以出色的成绩考入美国Juilliard School,Manhattan School of Music, University of Southern California, Peabody Institute, San Francisco Conservatory of Music,英国皇家音乐学院,伯明翰音乐学院。他们中多数在不同的音乐比赛中获奖,如今更多得是工作在交响乐团和从事音乐教育。近几年来,郭永生先生更是在中国的许多城市演出和给予专业学生大师课,如浙江音乐学院,四川音乐学院,西北民族大学,四川师范大学等等。参与许多的国际音乐节和音乐夏令营。2019年8月应邀担任第八届“爱琴杯”暨第三届中国国际大提琴比赛评委,曾多次与Riverside交响乐团,Redland交响乐团,Santa Barbra交响乐团和上海爱乐乐团有过成功的合作,并常常与世界顶级音乐家同台合作演出。


Ma Yue

Ma Yue is the Principal Clarinetist of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. He graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing in 1984 and joined its teaching faculty. He was then also the Principal Clarinetist for the China Youth Symphony Orchestra. In 1993, Ma Yue received an Artist Diploma from the Musikhochschule in Zurich, Switzerland.

Before joining the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Ma Yue was Principal Clarinetist and Assistant Conductor at the University of Alabama Symphony Orchestra. He was also a member of the Alarida Octet, the Zurich Opera House Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Tuscaloosa Symphony. In addition, Ma Yue performs regularly with the China Philharmonic Orchestra as Guest Principal Clarinetist. 

Prizes won by Ma Yue include the First Prize in the Kiwanis Clarinet Competition in 1990, and Second Prize in the People’s Republic of China National Clarinet Competition in 1982 and 1983.

Jin Ta

长笛演奏家、教育家,新加坡交响乐团长笛首席,现任上海音乐学院长笛教授。金塔在1997年作为长笛首席受聘于新加坡国立交响乐团。在二十年中和诸多国际知名指挥和独奏家合作过。他也是诸多知名乐团客席首席,如上海交响乐团,中国爱乐乐团,深圳交响乐团及广州交响乐团等。在繁忙的演出日程外,金塔也在20多年的长笛教育生涯中积极地培养下一代音乐人才,他曾就职于新加坡南洋艺术学院和LaSalle 艺术学院。2003年,新加坡扬秀桃音乐学院建立后,他是该校第一位受聘长笛教师。他的学生们多位已在中国各大乐团就职。




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