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International Solo & Ensemble Competition

 About isec

Welcome to the International Solo & Ensemble Competition 2023, 5th Season – post Covid Era! After years of organizing successful music competitions, Hitmaker understands the growing need for more opportunities for musicians to showcase their talent on a global stage. At Hitmaker, we believe that musicians not only learn and practice but also deserve the chance to perform in front of esteemed judges who are renowned performers and educators from major conservatories worldwide.

Join us at the International Solo & Ensemble Competition 2023, 5th Season, and be part of an extraordinary platform that celebrates the artistry and passion of music, providing a global stage for musicians to shine. Get ready to showcase your talent, learn from the best, and be inspired by the power of music in the post-Covid Era.

The International Solo & Ensemble Competition is back for its 5th Season in 2023! We are excited to announce that the competition will kick off with online selections starting in November 2022. Our esteemed panel of judges hails from renowned music conservatories and professional orchestras worldwide, including the Netherlands, the United States, China, Australia, Singapore, and Germany. With their wealth of experience and expertise, they will be evaluating the performances of talented musicians from across the globe. Prepare to showcase your skills and vie for top honours in this prestigious international competition. Stay tuned for more updates on the 4th International Solo & Ensemble Competition as we embark on an exciting musical journey together!

At the International Solo & Ensemble Competition (ISEC) 2023, we believe competitions play a crucial role in discovering and nurturing young artistic talents. Our mission is to promote and elevate youth arts education by providing aspiring music professionals and enthusiasts with a unique platform to showcase their exceptional talents.

ISEC is not just a competition but a dynamic platform for musical exchanges and learning. It’s a place where musicians from around the world come together to share their passion for music, connect with fellow artists, and experience the joy of competing on a global stage. Through ISEC, we strive to inspire, motivate, and empower young musicians to push the boundaries of their artistic abilities and reach new heights of excellence.

Join us at ISEC 2023 and be part of a transformative journey that celebrates the power of music, fosters artistic growth, and creates unforgettable memories. Whether you’re a soloist or part of an ensemble, ISEC offers a unique opportunity to showcase your talents, learn from esteemed judges, and connect with fellow musicians who share your love for music. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary musical adventure at ISEC 2023, where dreams are nurtured, talents are discovered, and artistic excellence is celebrated!

A Symphony of Talent

Empowering Musicians: Unleashing Potential

Experience the ISEC difference with Real People. Real Results. Our panel of judges comprises renowned musicians and educators actively engaged in major orchestras and music conservatories, performing on prestigious stages worldwide. When you participate in ISEC, you’ll receive genuine assessment and feedback from these distinguished professionals who provide real results that can make a real difference in your musical journey.

At ISEC, we believe in the power of authentic feedback to inspire growth and elevate performance. Our judges are not just experts in their field but active practitioners who bring their wealth of experience and expertise to provide invaluable insights and guidance to our candidates. Their theoretical feedback is based on their real-world experiences as performers and educators, making it relevant and impactful.

When you participate in ISEC, you can trust that you will receive honest and constructive feedback from real people who have achieved real results in the music industry. It’s an opportunity to learn, improve, and take your musical talents to new heights with the guidance of our esteemed judges. Join us at ISEC and experience the difference between Real People. Real Results.


is about diversity

At ISEC 2023, Season 5, we are proud to offer a diverse range of instrument categories, including Chinese classical instruments, choirs, and vocals. Our competition is open to musicians from all over the world, representing a wide variety of musical styles and genres. Whether you play a traditional Chinese instrument, excel in vocal performance, or lead a choir, ISEC provides a unique platform for you to showcase your talents and compete at an international level.

We believe in celebrating the rich cultural heritage of music and providing opportunities for musicians of all backgrounds and traditions to participate in our competition. Our esteemed panel of judges includes experts in Chinese classical instruments, vocal performance, and choral music, ensuring that candidates in these categories receive specialized assessment and feedback tailored to their unique strengths and challenges.

ISEC is committed to fostering inclusivity and diversity in music, and we welcome musicians from all walks of life to participate in our competition. Join us for an unforgettable musical experience where you can showcase your talents, receive genuine feedback, and celebrate the beauty of music in all its forms.

We believe in the power of authentic feedback to inspire growth and elevate performance. Our judges are not just experts in their field but active practitioners who bring their wealth of experience and expertise to provide invaluable insights and guidance to our candidates. Their theoretical feedback is based on their real-world experiences as performers and educators, making it relevant and impactful.

When you participate in ISEC, you can trust that you will receive honest and constructive feedback from real people who have achieved real results in the music industry. It’s an opportunity to learn, improve, and take your musical talents to new heights with the guidance of our esteemed judges. Join us at ISEC and experience the difference between Real People. Real Results.

ISEC Chairman

Assoc Prof Zuo Jun

YST Conservatory of Music, NUS

ISEC Vice Chair

Prof Zhu Wen

Australian Institute of Music


Darrell Ang

Artistic Director of Sichuan Symphony Orchestra

Artistic Director

Dr Hardy Mertens

Tilburg Fontys University of the Arts

Lead Adjudicator for Chinese Instrument

Shu Yin

Assoc Prof of Shanghai Conservatory of Music


Assoc Prof Zhang Jinmin

Head of Woodwinds of YST Conservatory of Music, NUS

ISEC Official Partner & Adjudicator

Duan Yuling

Melody Strings Head of Violin & Singapore Symphony Orchestra First Violin

Lead Adjudicator for Western Instrument

Alexander Souptel

Former Leader Violinist of The Singapore Symphony Orchestra

Lead Adjudicator for Choir

Fang Shuxiao

Executive Director of Taipei Chamber Singers

Lead Adjudicator for Piano

Wu Yi

Piano Professor & Steinway artist

Lead Adjudicator for Western Instrument

Zhang Yijia

Young Doctor in Cello Performance in Germany


Prof Ian Bofinger

Executive Dean of Australian Academy of Music & Performing Arts


Dr Wojciech W Wisniewski

Australian Institute of Music


Igor Budinstein

Viola Principal/Conductor of the German Symphony Orchestra


Ma Yue

Lecturer at YST Conservatory of Music, NUS


Jin Ta

Flute professor at Shanghai Conservatory of Music


Jason Guo

Cello Professor at Sichuan Conservatory of Music


Ning Fangliang

Lecturer at Central Conservatory of Music


Yang Yichen

Lecturer at Central Conservatory of Music


He Lanqing

Professor of Shanghai Conservatory of Music


Wang Peng

Associate Professor of Violin, Yunnan Academy of Arts


Xue Biao

Violin Professor of Orchestral Instruments Department of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music


Wang Chongwu

Associate Cello Professor of Central Conservatory of Music


Yang Xinan

Violinist at Hubei Symphony Orchestra


Wu Daidai

Melody Strings Head of Cello & Singapore Symphony Orchestra Cello


Gao Jiasi

Lecturer at Xinghai Conservatory of Music


Dai Mikawa ko

Flute Examiner of Standard Grade Examination Committee of the Central Conservatory of Music


Gao Quan

Senior Piano Tutor at Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra


Wang Tianyang

Associate Professor of Theory Studies at Central Conservatory of Music


Zhang Li

Liuqin Performer of Singapore Chinese Orchestra


Huang Guifang

Sanxian Performer of Singapore Chinese Orchestra


Li Li

Associate Professor of Traditional Chinese Music Department of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music


Wu Lele

Current National First Level Performer


Zhao Meina

Zither Tutor of Chinese Zither of Shenyang Conservatory of Music

About the Competition

How to start?

Choosing the right category is an important first step when applying for the 2023 International Solo & Ensemble Competition (ISEC) organized by Hitmaker. Here’s a simple process flow to help candidates select the appropriate category

Knowing your instrument (Solo Category)

Western Instruments:

Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass (Bass), Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn

Chinese Instruments:

Pipa, Zhongruan, Erhu, Dizi, Sanxian, Guzheng, Guqin, Suona


Ethnic Vocal Technique, Bel Canto Vocal Technique, Musical Theater Excerpt

Note: No percussion instruments.

Important note:

  1. If the original composition of the solo performance piece has accompaniment, then the accompaniment must be performed together (accompaniment instruments can be piano, accordion, or guitar, excluding recorded accompaniment) to maintain musical integrity. If the original composition is an unaccompanied piece, then accompaniment is not required.
  2. If the original composition of the solo vocal performance piece has accompaniment, then the accompaniment must be performed together (accompaniment instruments can be piano or recorded accompaniment) to present the musical integrity. If the original composition is an unaccompanied piece, then accompaniment is not required.
Choose the right level

Consider your skill level

The Solo Category is divided into Advanced and Amateur levels. You may consider applying for the Advanced level if you have extensive experience and training in classical music. The Amateur level may be more suitable if you are relatively new to classical music or still developing your skills.

Ensemble Category (Terms & Conditions)

Any form of concerto is not allowed in this category. Non-professional groups and professional groups will compete separately.

Note: Professional learners refer to full-time students studying in domestic professional music institutions, including all art colleges and departments of universities, with a group size of 2-8 people. Homophonic ensembles (unison) are not considered as ensembles. If there is one professional student in the ensemble, it will be classified as a professional group.

Piano Four Hands/Six Hands

This category can be performed on one piano or two pianos. If there is one professional student in the ensemble, it will be classified as a professional group. The average age must not exceed 23 years old.

Chamber Music

Any combination of instruments other than those listed in the current competition’s ensemble categories can be registered as chamber music, with a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 18 performers.

(There should be no conductor or vocalists in the chamber music ensemble, and no more than 4 participants playing traditional Chinese instruments.)

Ensemble performances of the same voice parts (unison) cannot be counted as chamber music. If there are six professional students in the ensemble, it will be classified as a professional group.

Determine Your Age Group

Competition participants are grouped into six categories based on age, labelled A to E. Groups B to E are further divided into Professional and Amateur subcategories.

Knowing your Age Group

Note: The age is determined based on the Gregorian calendar.



Date of Birth

(based on the Gregorian calendar)

A1 born after 2017 6 and below
A2 2013 – 2016 7 – 9
B (Advanced/Amateur) 2011 – 2012 10 – 12
C (Advanced/Amateur) 2008 – 2010 13 – 15
D (Advanced/Amateur) 2005 – 2007 16 – 18
E (Advanced/Amateur) 1988 – 2004 19 – 35
Ensemble | Things to Note

The Ensemble category is divided into Professional and Amateur groups for competition. If there is a professional player in the chamber group, they will be classified into the Professional group for the competition.

For Advanced Level

  • Group B-D: Students from music colleges and affiliated high schools of art colleges
  • Group E: College students, graduate students, and young teachers from music colleges and art colleges
  • Open Group: Adhering to the belief that love for music knows no boundaries, this competition has a special Open Group for music enthusiasts to participate without age restrictions. The other categories remain unchanged. Music lovers of all ages are encouraged to actively sign up for participation!

Observe the instructions of the competition

Important Notice for Participants
*Please Read and Observe the Rules and Regulations of the competition at all time

Dear Participants,

We are excited to have you participate in our upcoming competition! To ensure a fair and transparent competition for everyone, we kindly remind you to carefully read and thoroughly observe the rules and regulations set forth by the organizers.

As the competition progresses, it is important to note that the organizers reserve the right to make subjective changes to the rules and regulations, if deemed necessary for the smooth running of the competition. These changes will be communicated through official channels, and it is your responsibility as a participant to stay updated with any updates or modifications.

We highly appreciate your cooperation in adhering to the rules and regulations, as they are designed to ensure a level playing field for all participants. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the guidelines and requirements, and follow them diligently throughout the competition.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We wish you the best of luck in the competition!

Competition Stages & Important Dates

The ISEC 2023 is divided into two stages, the preliminary round and the final round.

The preliminary round will be held on various competition sites internationally. Preliminary competition venues are located at designated ISEC partner centres, supported by local co-organisers worldwide. The finals will be held in Singapore.

Preliminary Round Schedule

  • Preliminary Stage: Between May 1, 2023 – May 15, 2023 (Please refer to the local organisers for the exact timing of your selected competition venue)
  • Application deadline for Preliminary Stage: Registration April 30, 2023
  • Announcement of Preliminary Round Results: May 22, 2023 – May 25, 2023
  • For the final round, qualified contestants will be recommended to participate in the Singapore final, including award ceremonies, master classes, master concerts, environmental protection lectures, and other activities.

 Final Stage

  • Venue: Singapore
  • Date: August 6, 2023 – August 13, 2023
  • Deadline for Final Round Registration: July 9, 2023


  1. Please follow the latest updates on the competition’s progress and final round arrangements through this WeChat official account.
  2. Please refer to and observe our official channels to get updated information regarding competition regulations and any unavoidable changes. 
Repertoire Requirements and Performance Time
  1. Participants are required to perform or sing two pieces of music from different eras (complete works or movements) or choose repertoires from different genres or from different ethnic. It is strongly recommended to use original sheet music for the competition to ensure accuracy and authenticity.

  2. Repertoire for the competition should be from different genres and time periods, and should not include film music except for popular singing. 

  3. Repertoires used for grading examinations are allowed i.e. ABRSM, LCM, Trinity, or other equivalent examinations internationally. Composers who span two different eras will be categorized based on their compositional style, to ensure fair judging.

  4. For adapted classical music pieces will be categorized based on the era of the original composer, unless they are widely known to be arranged by a specific composer, in which case they will be categorized based on the age of the arranger.

  5. When registering repertoire, participants need to provide complete and accurate information, including the composer’s name, the title of the piece, the key, the opus number, and the full name of the movement. It is highly recommended to provide the original title of the piece in the original language to avoid confusion.

  6. Changes to repertoire and participant information will not be allowed after the registration deadline for each regional competition, hence participants should double-check and confirm their repertoire before the deadline.

  7. Partial performances of repertoire will not be accepted, and judges may request a specific part of the repertoire to be performed if the selected repertoire or movement is too long. If the repertoire performed by a participant does not meet the competition requirements, a deduction of 5 points will be applied according to the rules and regulations.

  8. Participants who qualify for the finals can repeat their repertoire from the preliminary round during the finals, allowing them to showcase their best performance.

  9. It is important to note that the actual performance time for repertoire in all age groups must not be less than the minimum performance time requirement, as a deduction of 3 points will be applied for performances that fall short of this requirement. Participants should carefully manage their performance time to ensure compliance with the rules.

Age Group




Solo & Ensemble 

(Amateur )



A – C

Two pieces from different time periods (complete works or movements)

2 – 8 minutes

D – E

Two pieces from different time periods (complete works or movements)

6 – 10 minutes







B – E

Two pieces from different time periods (complete works or movements)

8 – 15 minutes

Repertoire Period

According to the composition period, the repertoire is classified as follows: For all solo and ensemble (chamber music) categories, except for saxophone, Chinese music, and vocal categories, applicants are required to perform at least two pieces from different periods (complete works or movements) based on the classification of composition period, or one Chinese piece and one Western piece.

  • Renaissance and Early Baroque (before 1650) e.g. Couperin, Monteverdi
  • Baroque period (up to 1750) e.g. Handel, Bach, Vivaldi
  • Classical period (1750-1820) e.g. Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn
  • Romantic period (1820-1910) e.g. Schubert, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Liszt, Borodin, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Debussy, Brahms, Chopin, Saint-Saens, Rachmaninoff, etc.
  • 20/21st Century Modernism (post-1910 works) e.g. Hindemith, Stravinsky, Bartok, Kodaly, Martinu, Shostakovich, Britten, Khachaturian, Kabalevsky, Prokofiev, Ligeti, Copland, Prangcharoen, Krenek, Franghiz Ali-Zadeh, Schnittke, Szymanowski, Lutoslawski, Kancheli, Aho, Berg, Cage, Kurtág, Berio, Brouwer, Crumb, Rihm, Unsuk Chin, Penderecki, Zimmerman, etc.
  • Chinese works
Prize (For Advanced Category Only)

Solo Category

  • 1st Prize (1 winner) – S$2000 cash prize
  • 2nd Prize (2 winners) – S$500 cash prize per person
  • 3rd Prize (3 winners) – S$300 cash prize per person


The top scorer has the privilege to perform at the award ceremony and collaborate with a chosen orchestra as a soloist (timing to be determined by the orchestra). Please follow our WeChat notification for more notifications. 

Ensemble Category 

  • 1st Prize (1 group) – S$2000 cash prize
  • 2nd Prize (2 groups) – S$500 cash prize per group
  • 3rd Prize (3 groups) – S$300 cash prize per group 

Excellent Performance Award


  1. The competition organizing committee has established a comprehensive award system based on a rigorous and fair scoring mechanism to encourage and guide young musicians and allow more children to enjoy the joy of competition.
  2. All winners will receive a preliminary round certificate issued by the organizing committee without quantity limitation.
  3. Teachers of Gold with Honours and Gold Award winners will be awarded the “Outstanding Mentor Award” certificate.
  4. Each age group must have at least three competing contestants; otherwise, the champion of this category will be considered invalid.
Registration and payment method
  1. Fill in the registration form online at www.hitmaker.sg/isec2023 and attach the recording link at the specific column
  2. Preliminary Stage:

    • Solo Category: S$100/person

    • Ensemble Category: S$100/group

  3. Final Stage | For Singapore Participants ONLY (Without masterclass)

    • Solo Category: S$180/person

    • Ensemble Category:

      • S$180 per person for a group of 2 people;

      • S$300 for 3 people;

      • S$350 for 4 people;

      • S$400 for 5 people;

      • S$450 for 6-10 people

      • S$600 for 11-19 people

      • S$800 for a group of 20 people or more
  4. Finals with Masterclass fee:

    • For both categories: S$250/person

    • (Duration for masterclass is 45 minutes per person)

For Singapore Residence

The following fees apply to Singaporean participants who hold a long-term residency permit in Singapore (including student pass, work pass, permanent residency, or Singaporean citizenship):

1. Preliminary round fee: SGD 100 (does not include piano accompaniment);

2. Finals fee: SGD 180 (does not include piano accompaniment, but includes 2 tickets to the awards ceremony for family members)


Finals | Fees for International Participants:
Solo Category:

  • Fee SGD 1988/person (including the registration fee of SGD 100);
  • 1st accompanying parent: SGD 1500/person;
  • 2nd accompanying parent/relative: SGD 1200/person (sharing accommodation);
  • Family members under 3 years old: SGD 200/person

Ensemble Category:

  • Fee SGD 1988/person (including the registration fee of SGD 100)
  • 1st accompanying parent: SGD 1500/person;
  • 2nd accompanying parent/relative: SGD 1200/person (sharing accommodation);
  • Family members under 3 years old: SGD 200/person

Important Note:

  • If a participant registers for two or more categories, the fee for each additional category is only SGD 180 on top of the fee for the first category.
  • The organizing committee provides 30 minutes of piano accompaniment practice. It is recommended that participants prepare their own piano accompanist for better performance in the competition. If additional piano accompaniment practice is needed from the organizing committee, it is available at SGD 60 for 30 minutes. Please indicate your request during registration.
  • If you would like to schedule a one-on-one masterclass with a judge, please indicate which judge you would like to have the class with during registration. The fee for a 45-minute masterclass is SGD 250. Please note that the masterclass schedule may conflict with the “Cultural Tour”.

For international candidates, registration and fees for the finals are in Singapore Dollars. The final fees shall include a competition fee, awards ceremony, accommodation + breakfast, masterclass, master concert, art study tour, environmental conservation lecture, and charity donation certificate. Please refer to the official WeChat announcements for the specific registration method, payment method, and detailed schedule of activities for the finals.


The registration information submitted by the applicant must be true and valid. The organizing committee reserves the right to request incomplete registration information to be completed. Registration forms that do not meet the requirements will be considered invalid, and the registration fee will not be refunded after the registration deadline.

Notices & Provisions

Important Notes:

1. Participants must strictly comply with all regulations of these regulations and must not engage in fraudulent or other unethical activities. Violators will have their participation qualifications and awards revoked by the organizing committee.

2. Winners who receive official invitations from the event must participate in all activities of the various stages.

3. For preliminary rounds, except for piano, participants of other instrumental categories must prepare their instruments and have no right to request instruments from the organizing committee. For the finals (if coming to Singapore), the organizing committee may provide cello and double bass rental, and the participants will bear the rental cost.

4. To ensure the competition’s transparency, participants agree to have their competition results, name, age, and registered categories publicly disclosed on the competition’s official website. The competition will be open to the public throughout the entire process.


1. Participants agree to grant the event organizer an exclusive and free-of-charge license to use their performances in various rounds of the competition, award concerts, post-competition series concerts, as well as their images and photos in various activities organized by the host, co-organizer, sponsor, and partner of this competition; the radio stations, TV stations, online media, and photography agencies responsible for the promotion of the competition; as well as the producers and publishers of audio and video recordings for the purpose of promotion, photography, audio and video recording, broadcasting, internet transmission of information, as well as the production, exhibition, and global publication of audio and video albums and brochures related to the competition. The copyright of the audio and video products and other derivative products resulting therefrom shall be owned by the main organizer, and no further remuneration shall be paid to the participating contestants.

2. The organizing committee of ISEC strongly recommends that participating contestants purchase personal and property damage insurance. The organizing committee shall not be held responsible for any loss of property or personal injury of participating contestants, any physical, material, or mental damage caused to others, or any physical, material, or mental damage caused by accompanying personnel to themselves or others.

3. In case of issues not specified in this provision, the final decision will be made based on the opinion of the ISEC Organising Committee and shall not be disputed.

4. It is the responsibility of each participant to comply with the regulations of the competition. Applicants who apply for registration are deemed to have agreed to all the contents of this chapter and promised to abide by them. Otherwise, a candidate will be considered revoked.

5. Suppose a participating contestant is found to have violated the relevant regulations of the ISEC provisions, their participation and prize qualification will be cancelled, and the award certificate will be revoked. All expenses incurred shall not be refunded.

6. The organizing committee shall not be held responsible for any force majeure events that cause the competition to be unable to proceed.

7. Refund policy: If a participant is unable to participate in the competition due to their own personal reasons and requires a refund, the following rules will be followed:

For the preliminary rounds, the registration fee is non-refundable.

For the final rounds:

Before July 21st, the registration fee is non-refundable, and 90% of the final round fee is refundable;

Before July 31st, the registration fee is non-refundable, and 50% of the final round fee is refundable;

After August 1st, all fees are non-refundable.



  1. Bank Transfer
    • Bank Name: OCBC Bank
    • Account Name: Hitmaker Records Private Limited
    • Account Number: 595-141-326-001
  2. PAYNOW (Singapore only): 202122500N

STRIPE Payment (For Preliminary Stage Payment Only): VISA & MASTERCARD, WeChat & Alipay (Please click on the link or scan QR Code below)

 Preliminary Stage: STRIPE Payment Link: https://buy.stripe.com/bIYg0e8y8bLPfmw6oo

Preliminary Stage QR Code:


For payment issues, please proceed to contact:

ISEC 2023 Preliminary Venues


Date: 13 May 2023


Alliance Française


Date: 13 – 14 May 2023




Date: 14 May 2023




Date: 21 May 2023




Date: 27 – 28 May 2023




Date: 28 May 2023


西安音乐学院 | 雅马哈专卖店音乐厅



Date: 3 June 2023




Date: 4 June 2023




Date: 6 June 2023



ISEC 2023 Preliminary Results

Candidate# Name Age
Category Category Instrument
ISEC230253 Charles Ouyang Ming A1 Amateur Solo Cello
ISEC230313 Grace Shi-En Chew B Amateur Solo Cello
ISEC230259 Henry He B Amateur Solo Clarinet
ISEC230249 Yuchen Chen C Amateur Solo Clarinet
ISEC230234 Yuchen Jin C Amateur Solo Clarinet
ISEC230235 Haoyu Zhang A2 Amateur Solo Dizi
ISEC230001 Zoey Skyler Devarajan A2 Amateur Solo Erhu
ISEC230311 Jamie Lee Ling Xuan B Amateur Solo Erhu
ISEC230312 Jacob Kitamura B Amateur Solo Erhu
ISEC230310 Ong Min Yi E Amateur Solo Erhu
ISEC230237 Muyun Niu C Amateur Solo Guzheng
ISEC230254 Oswin Wu A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230233 Haoyuan Sun A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230253 Charles Ouyang Ming A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230232 Yixin Niu A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230244 Yan Chu Chen A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230238 YUHAN LIN A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230243 YUE CAI A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230245 Yatong Giselle Fan A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230246 Ryan Junhao Song A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230250 Olivia Shiqi Liang A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230236 shiyu Shi A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230308 Zhang Ruolin A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230628 Junqi Annabel Li A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230256 Yichen Xiang A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230247 Eva Chuxuan Zhang A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230248 Yuxi Wei A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230261 Lucas He B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230241 YUNXI LI B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230752 Lau Yoyo B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230239 Yizhen Yang B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230751 Jiang Zixi C Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230309 Zhao Hanyin C Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230242 Yuxuan Jiang C Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230264 Zhang Huanyuan A1 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230258 Angeline Y Sun A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230276 Lin Borui A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230270 Lim Jin Xuan A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230266 Siqi Mo A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230265 Vera Enzhen Lee A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230281 Chen Yitong A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230272 Edie Leigh Shang Zuxi A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230269 Elena Park Geun Hye A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230280 Kaela Lee Yu En A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230268 Isabel Harper Zhu Shaw A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230277 Foo Yu Han A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230255 Yijin Cheng A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230267 Zhizhong Pang (Louis) A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230604 Yara Weiyi Kong A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230605 Anna Weiai Kong A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230279 Alyssa Boo Rui Xuan B Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230275 Ji Wenxin B Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230257 Victoria Li B Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230263 Yu Jinxi B Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230271 Tao Yingjun B Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230274 Huang Yuqing C Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230278 Kaelyn Boo Ke Rui C Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230262 Muk Yeung Sophie Lui C Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230273 Lian Junhao C Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230260 HaoTian Wang D Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230252 Xinran Tong D Adavanced Solo Violin
Candidate# 姓名 Name Age Group Category Category Instrument
ISEC230327 虞逸波 Yu YiBo B Amateur Solo Bassoon
ISEC230517 周思睿 Zhou Sirui B Amateur Solo Bassoon
ISEC230325 颜与呈 Yan YuCheng B Amateur Solo Bassoon
ISEC230328 徐悦然 Xu YueRan B Amateur Solo Bassoon
ISEC230323 姚鉴堃 Yao JianKun B Amateur Solo Bassoon
ISEC230514 池灏信 Chi Hoshun C Advanced Solo Bassoon
ISEC230519 唐圣东 Tang Shengdong C Amateur Solo Bassoon
ISEC230324 孙若涵 Sun RuoHan C Amateur Solo Bassoon
ISEC230529 周炜竣 Zhou Weijun C Amateur Solo Bassoon
ISEC230655 刘嘉煜 Liu Jia Yu D Advanced Solo Bassoon
ISEC230516 罗含逸 Luo Hanyi D Amateur Solo Bassoon
ISEC230251 李卓然 Li Zhuoran D Amateur solo Bassoon
ISEC230522 肖锦双 Xiao Jinshuang E Advanced Solo Bassoon
ISEC230523 黄雨婷 Huang Yuting E Advanced Solo Bassoon
ISEC230525 马嘉泽 Ma Jiaze E Advanced Solo Bassoon
ISEC230526 曹子璇 Cao Zixuan E Advanced Solo Bassoon
ISEC230518 郭泠淽 Guo Lingzhi C Amateur Solo Cello
ISEC230333 耿嘉杰 Geng JiaJie B Amateur Solo Clarinet
ISEC230527 苏格理 Su Geli D Advanced Solo Clarinet
ISEC230338 蒋鹏翰 Jiang PengHan E Amateur Solo Clarinet
ISEC230547 王诺一 Wang NuoYi B Amateur Solo Flute
ISEC230651 朱智宏 Zhu ZhiHong B Amateur Solo Flute
ISEC230337 何煜明 He YuMing B Amateur Solo Flute
ISEC230653 蒋政博 Jiang ZhengBo D Amateur Solo Flute
ISEC230654 庄梓瑞 Zhuang ZiRui D Amateur Solo Flute
ISEC230652 赵子铖 Zhao ZiCheng E Amateur Solo Flute
ISEC230646 胡湲萱 Hu YuanXuan E Amateur Solo Flute
ISEC230322 吴越 Wu Yue A2 Amateur Solo Guzheng
ISEC230331 尤泽瑜 You ZeYu B Amateur Solo Horn
ISEC230340 汤意涵 Tang YiHan A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230339 姚钰汐 Yao YuXi A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230326 唐朝 Tang Chao A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230329 王铄源 Wang ShuoYuan B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230330 朱明菲 Zhu MingFei B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230332 魏嘉晖 Wei JiaHui A2 Amateur Solo Saxophone
ISEC230647 丁韵功 Ding YunGong A2 Amateur Solo Saxophone
ISEC230334 陈禹哲 Chen YuZhe B Amateur Solo Saxophone
ISEC230649 张亦萱 Zhang YiXuan  B Amateur Solo Saxophone
ISEC230648 谈笑君 Tan XiaoJun C Amateur Solo Saxophone
ISEC230336 周隽帆 Zhou JunFan C Amateur Solo Saxophone
ISEC230319 郭佳辰 Guo JiaChen A1 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230321 徐启闻 Xu QiWen A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230320 杨凌睿 Yang LingRui A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230314 史皓瑄 Shi HaoXuan B Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230317 金义凡 Jin YiFan B Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230315 阙梓厚 Que ZiHou C Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230318 王歌 Wang Ge C Amateur Solo Violin
Candidate# 姓名 Name Age Group Category Category Instrument
ISEC230222 陈奕涵 Chen Yihan C Advanced Solo  Flute
ISEC230205 于王喆 Yu Wangzhe D Advanced Solo  Flute
ISEC230206 胡怡 Hu Yi D Advanced Solo  Flute
ISEC230200 岂宇菲 Qi Yufei D Advanced Solo  Flute
ISEC230213 梁颖婷 Liang Yingting E Advanced Solo  Flute
ISEC230216 李敏轩 Li Minxuan E Advanced Solo  Flute
ISEC230215 周欢畅 Zhou Huanchang E Amateur Solo  Flute
ISEC230210 姚诚 Yao Cheng C Amateur Solo Bassoon
ISEC230172 应杭轩 Ying Hangxuan C Advanced Solo Clarinet
ISEC230202 许愿 Xu Yuan B Amateur Solo Flute
ISEC230186 袁雨欣 Yuan Yuxin B Amateur Solo Guzheng
ISEC230185 袁艺桐 Yuan Yitong C Amateur Solo Guzheng
ISEC230510 张梓培 Zhang Zipei E Advanced Solo Guzheng
ISEC230109 刘仲以诺 Liu Zhongyinuo A1 Amateur Ensemble Piano
ISEC230110 杨淇涵 Yang Qihan A1 Amateur Ensemble Piano
ISEC230163 滕灵熙 Teng Lingxi A2 Amateur Ensemble Piano
ISEC230164 张弘毅 Zhang Hongyi A2 Amateur Ensemble Piano
ISEC230101 孔令楠 Kong Lingnan A2 Amateur Ensemble Piano
ISEC230102 钱尊豪 Qian Zunhao A2 Amateur Ensemble Piano
ISEC230103 李缪宜 Li Miuyi A2 Amateur Ensemble Piano
ISEC230104 李苡墨 Li Yimo A2 Amateur Ensemble Piano
ISEC230105 胡采迪 Hu Caidi A2 Amateur Ensemble Piano
ISEC230106 吴悠 Wu You A2 Amateur Ensemble Piano
ISEC230107 陈玢芃 Chen Binpeng A2 Amateur Ensemble Piano
ISEC230108 赵祺伟 Zhao Qiwei A2 Amateur Ensemble Piano
ISEC230068 陈恒与 Chen Hengyu A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230013 郑晞妤 Zheng Xiyu A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230032 马贻璋 Ma Yizhang A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230037 王鸣煊 Wang Mingxuan A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230040 吴悠然 Wu Youran A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230036 吴欣瑜 Wu Xinyu A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230143 吴心语 Wu Xinyu A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230146 陈昱珩 Chen Yuheng A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230147 洪润龄 Hong Runling A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230062 李享 Li Xiang A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230094 王慕尧 Wang Muyao A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230100 龚沁妤 Gong Qinyu A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230081 夏小森 Xia Xiaosen A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230154 张宴宁 Zhang Yanning A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230156 严允泽 Yan Yunze A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230157 唐憬希 Tang Jingxi A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230025 杨乐颖 Yang Leying A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230026 林泽禹 Lin Zeyu A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230030 黄雨晨 Huang Yuchen A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230052 李嘉柚 Li Jiayou A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230079 章瑾轩 Zhang Jinxuan A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230021 林志略 Lin Zhilue A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230022 吕宥锟 Lv Youkun A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230024 苏汝伊 Su Ruyi A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230134 林可晨 Lin Kechen A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230135 章开云 Zhang Kaiyun A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230136 孔繁熙 Kong Fanxi A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230137 孙子乔 Sun Ziqiao A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230141 任子阳 Ren Ziyang A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230006 陆晗奕 Lu Hanyi A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230007 李榕 Li Rong A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230008 冉悦桐 Ran Yuetong A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230076 吴芊蔓 Wu Qianman A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230049 王习之 Wang Xizhi A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230122 赵梦马 Zhao Mengma A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230123 蒋静嘉 Jiang Jingjia A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230124 李宇融 Li Yurong A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230125 应依蓓 Ying Yibei A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230126 应馨颐 Ying Xinyi A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230127 王宥成 Wang Youcheng A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230003 徐睿妍 Xu Ruiyan A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230004 张琼之 Zhang Qiongzhi A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230005 马菁遥 Ma Qingyao A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230116 陈米双 Chen Mishuang A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230117 薛涵予 Xue Hanyu A1 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230066 鲁君逸 Lu Junyi A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230067 林靖恩 Lin Jingen A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230012 张沐心 Zhang Muxin A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230014 林熹悦 Lin Xiyue A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230015 吕明源 Lv Mingyuan A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230016 单嘉雯 Shan Jiawen A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230017 徐恺欣 Xu Kaixin A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230033 刘若伊 Liu Ruoyi A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230128 叶尚言 Ye Shangyan A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230119 黄馨乐 Huang Xinle A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230208 杜一可 Du Yike A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230212 高梓桐 Gao Zitong A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230214 王梓样 Wang Ziyang A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230221 华元媛 Hua Yuanyuan A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230225 奚嘉源 Xi Jiayuan A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230227 方馨阳 Fang Xinyang A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230551 陆元弘 Lu Yuanhong A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230553 王宾 Wang Bin A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230217 郭子琪 Guo Ziqi A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230035 姚熠恺 Yao Yikai A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230111 何祺悦 He Qiyue A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230112 方钰帆 Fang Yufan A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230113 王晨泽 Wang Chenze A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230114 沈瑾瑜 Shen Jinyu A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230058 黄琰心 Huang Yanxin A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230059 黄琰兮 Huang Yanxi A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230061 陶艺翎 Tao Yiling A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230038 钟千珣 Zhong Qianxun A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230039 陈栩然 Chen Xuran A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230041 吴致远 Wu Zhiyuan A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230042 卜星予 Bu Xingyu A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230043 汪骏泓 Wang Junhong A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230044 刘伊一 Liu Yiyi A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230019 陈嘉逸 Chen Jiayi A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230020 洪许诺 Hong Xunuo A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230018 沈艺诗 Shen Yishi A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230144 傅菡 Fu Han A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230145 和书涵 He Shuhan A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230148 郑褚冉 Zheng Churan A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230149 吴雨桐 Wu Yutong A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230150 陈怡乐 Chen Yile A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230083 程卓睿 Cheng Zhuorui A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230084 韩庭川 Han Tingchuan A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230085 黄子腾 Huang Ziteng A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230065 来斯翼 Lai Siyi A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230095 张智航 Zhang Zhihang A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230096 杨妙蕊 Yang Miaorui A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230097 吕陈侑一 Lv Chen Youyi A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230098 徐琳 Xu Lin A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230099 钱艺萌 Qian Yimeng A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230087 厉梓涵 Li Zihan A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230088 倪梓馨 Ni Zixin A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230089 庞靖杰 Pang Jingjie A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230090 王子昀 Wang Ziyun A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230091 吴涵 Wu Han A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230092 王嘉乐 Wang Jiale A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230082 吴沈潼昕 Wu Shentongxin A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230151 曾溪 Zeng Xi A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230152 金书娴 Jin Shuxian A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230153 张馨匀 Zhang Xinyun A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230155 姚柠 Yao Ning A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230158 韩馨宁 Han Xinning A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230160 王楚遇 Wang Chuyu A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230161 王米妮 Wang Mini A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230162 杜婉卿 Du Wanqing A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230027 胡意辰 Hu Yichen A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230028 肖博峰 Xiao Bofeng A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230031 马铎朵 Ma Duoduo A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230050 傅婧瑶 Fu Jingyao A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230051 段韶宸 Duan Shaochen A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230053 李思谣 Li Siyao A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230054 潘可一 Pan Keyi A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230055 刘澈 Liu Che A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230056 张汀瑜 Zhang Tingyu A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230077 孔祥文 Kong Xiangwen A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230078 张梓萱 Zhang Zixuan A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230080 邬徐泽云 Wu Xuzeyun A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230130 王若然 Wang Ruoran A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230131 沃妍 Wo Yan A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230132 李淼淼 Li Miaomiao A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230133 陈泓米 Chen Hongmi A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230138 徐子博 Xu Zibo A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230140 刘昆灏 Liu Kunhao A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230142 王嘉一 Wang Jiayi A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230009 邓卓言 Deng Zhuoyan A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230010 李欣恬 Li Xintian A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230011 李欣怡 Li Xinyi A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230069 何艺柠 He Yinin A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230070 叶灿灿  Ye Cancan A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230071 林轩如 Lin Xuanru A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230072 钱蓁蓁 Qian Zhenzhen A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230073 王右希 Wang Youxi A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230074 黄睿 Huang Rui A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230075 李允心 Li Yunxin A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230047 陈以恒 Chen Yiheng A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230120 卜亦乐 Bu Yile A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230121 王禺 Wang Yu A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230057 周安捷 Zhou Anjie A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230178 李澄睿 Li Chengrui A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230002 沈殷阅 Shen Yinyue A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230115 郭希恩 Guo Xien A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230756 胡致远 Hu Zhiyuan A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230129 范欣奇 Fan Xinqi A2 Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230168 叶祉呈 Ye Zhicheng B Advanced Solo Piano
ISEC230176 郑澈尔 Jammie B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230218 严天悦 Yan Tianyue B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230219 杨若昕 Yang Ruoxin B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230226 俞润 Yu Run B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230228 黄玲珑 Huang Linglong B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230230 余笑妍 Yu Xiaoyan B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230623 王晓龙 Wang Xiaolong B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230060 郭泽瑞 Guo Zerui B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230086 李宸逸 Li Chenyi B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230064 郭承希 Guo Chengxi B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230045 曹广川 Cao Guangchuan B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230046 于佳弘 Yu Jiahong B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230029 张羽笛 Zhang Yudi B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230118 杨钱承 Yang Qiancheng B Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230229 叶怀之 Ye Huaizhi C Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230606 邵翊雪 Shao Yixue C Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230063 郭韦伽 Guo Weijia E Amateur Solo Piano
ISEC230184 袁梓涵 Yuan Zihan A2 Amateur Solo Pipa
ISEC230524 郑凯文 Zheng Kaiwen C Amateur Solo Pipa
ISEC230191 郑好 Zheng Hao D Advanced Solo Pipa
ISEC230175 禹桐 Yu Tong D Amateur Solo Pipa
ISEC230550 叶子尚 Ye Zishang D Amateur Solo Pipa
ISEC230171 金欣宇 Jin Xinyu E Advanced Solo Pipa
ISEC230187 银佳萌 Yin Jiameng E Advanced Solo Pipa
ISEC230193 谭紫玲 Tan Ziling E Advanced Solo Pipa
ISEC230194 冯叶 Feng Ye E Advanced Solo Pipa
ISEC230195 李梓萌 Li Zimeng E Advanced Solo Pipa
ISEC230196 庄贝妮 Zhuang Beini E Advanced Solo Pipa
ISEC230197 丁思彤 Ding Sitong E Advanced Solo Pipa
ISEC230211 汤馨媛 Tang Xinyuan A1 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230165 曾欣 Zeng Xin A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230190 陆卓然 Lu Zhuoran A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230192 高若菡 Gao Ruohan A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230181 田晨延 Tian Chenyan A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230549 郭鸣杨 Guo Mingyang A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230182 黄芯苡 Huang Xinyi A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230590 胡文景 Hu Wenjing A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230198 吴芷烨 Wu Zhiye A2 Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230173 洪羽彤 Hong Yutong B Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230174 张子涵 Zhang Zihan B Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230177 郭奕萱 Guo Yixuan B Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230179 彭亦童 Peng Yitong B Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230204 余宸汐 Yu Chenxi B Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230231 金志远 Jin Zhiyuan B Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230607 叶俊宏 Ye Junhong B Advanced Solo Violin
ISEC230224 张嵇远 Zhang Jiyuan B Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230167 卢子杭 Lu Zihan C Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230207 何羿乐 He Yile C Advanced Solo Violin
ISEC230183 吴一凡 Wu Yifan C Advanced Solo Violin
ISEC230166 陈诗昱 Chen Shiyu C Advanced Solo Violin
ISEC230199 沈诗睿 Shen Shirui C Advanced Solo Violin
ISEC230180 王莅玮 Wang Liwei C Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230201 蔡应仪 Cai Yingyi C Advanced Solo Violin
ISEC230565 沙妤丹 Sha Yudan C Advanced Solo Violin
ISEC230220 张以泽 Zhang Yize C Advanced Solo Violin
ISEC230548 吴欣钰 Wu Xinyu C Advanced Solo Violin
ISEC230170 黄可 Huang Ke C Amateur Solo Violin
ISEC230093 陈子佩 Chen Zipei D Advanced Solo Violin
ISEC230189 黎悦阳 Li Yueyang E Advanced Solo Violin
ISEC230203 洪思妍 Hong Siyan E Advanced Solo Violin
ISEC230209 李嘉茵 Li Jiayin E Advanced Solo Violin



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