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Jeff Miyahara

Jeff Miyahara is one of the most in-demand record producers and songwriters in Japan. With numerous #1 hits, over 28 million in sales, and an impressive list of awards and accolades (including Songwriter Of The Year 2009 and Hit Maker of the Year 2010), Jeff is fast becoming widely known as a hit-maker for artists from all over the world.

In addition to his numerous collaborations with mega-hit artists in Japan. Jeff also continues to work with top-tier international artists. In 2009, Jeff signed on with UM360 (a management division of Universal Music Japan) to further solidify his position as a major player in the global music market. He currently has projects in the works in the US, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Australia, while continuing his work in Japan. Evidence that having a powerhouse like Universal behind him is helping extend his international reach even further.

Jeff has been called a ‘Rosetta stone’ of record making, as it seems that regardless of the language and cultural elements of the artist’s input, an acclaimed hit-song comes out the other end. Jeff’s multi-cultural and multi-lingual background (LA-raised, half Korean, half Japanese) forms the foundation for his unique approach to songwriting and production. He has an unparalleled ability to craft songs that resonate across cultural and linguistic boundaries, genres, and even generations.

As his international profile grows and his workload on the Japanese side redefines the word ‘prolific’ (he had over 50 CD releases in 2009), Jeff Miyahara, is poised to become a global production phenomenon.

Jeff Miyahara197724日出生)是一名日本韩国唱片制作人兼作曲家,在洛杉矶长大,现居日本东京。

1999年移居日本开始他的音乐事业以来,他与许多日本艺术家合作过,如JUJU,西野假名,安室奈美惠,东方神起,气象少女,以及Boyz II Men,少女时代和提姆巴兰等国际艺人。他在Oricon排名第一的下载热门歌曲有很多,包括Spontania ft.JUJU的“Kimi No Subete Ni”和JASMINE的“悲伤的说法”。他于2005年,2008年,2009年被日本唱片业协会授予多个金碟奖,并于2010年被评为日经娱乐的“年度最佳制片人”。迄今为止,他已售出超过4千万张CD


(pointing right)仅在今年(20—),他就参与了50多张CD的发行。他目前在与美国,韩国,台湾,香港和澳大利亚的艺人们合作的同时也在日本继续制作音乐。


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