Lu Xi

Lu Xi

Associate Professor of Xinghai Conservatory of Music

Lu is an Associate professor of violin and a Master Degree lecture at Xinghai Conservatory of Music. She gained her doctor of violin performance at Urals Mussorgsky State Conservatoire. She is one of the outstanding young teacher training projects of Guangdong, executive director of Guangdong Violin Society.

At the age of 14, Lu went to Russia to study. Urals Mussorgsky State Conservatoire graduated with a doctor in violin performance. She won the special prize in Ukraine “International Youth Violin Competition”. And she performed many times at home country and abroad. She has taught at Xinghai Conservatory of Music since 2007. Represented the Conservatory in participating in performances hosted by China national leaders.

While studying abroad, she has signed with the Russian Yekaterinburg Philharmonic Orchestra as a violin soloist and has performed with the orchestra to tour many times. Lu was commended as an outstanding student in the Chinese consulate in Russia. She was on the Russian version of the magazine  “People’s Pictorial” and exclusively interviewed by Novosibirsk TV station.

During the teaching, Lu still kept practicing and performing, and conducted solo concerts in Xinghai Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Center, Shenzhen Concert Hall, Guangzhou Opera House, Poly Wenzhou Theatre, etc. At the same time, she performed as soloist with Shanghai Opera House Symphony Orchestra, Shenzhen Philharmonic Orchestra, Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra, Xinjiang Philharmonic, Starry Orchestra, Xinghai Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra. At the same time, she has conducted many masterclasses and lectures in many places across the country. The University of Shannon-Dore invited her to conduct masterclasses, which has been widely praised. Lu has published papers such as “How to Solve the Tension During Stage Performance” and “The Sound and Tone of Violin”.

In recent years, Lu as Professor Zakhar Bron’s assistant in China, followed the master to further study the essence of the Russian violin teaching method and was sent by the school to Switzerland to continue following Prof. Bron for further study.

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