International Solo & Ensemble Competition 2022


Over many years of organising music competitions, Hitmaker has come to realise the growth of the need for more!  More competitions!

Musicians learn, practise and ultimately perform. What’s more, we want our learners to earn their place on a global stage. Here at Hitmaker, we provide you with a global stage to learn and perform in front of globally renowned judges. Our judges are some of the best performers and educators from major conservatories all around the world.

This year, the organising committee is happy to feature a short film, titled Resonance. The film is about a musician’s persistence, resilience and dedication to success. We wish to inspire and encourage all music learners to strive and be driven in their musical journey.

  1. All participants are required to read and understand the rules and regulations as published on our website at The organizer & secretariat of ISEC shall not be held responsible for any negligence of the rules and regulations of the competition;
  2. Participants shall be considered to have accepted and acknowledged the rules and regulations once payment is made;
  3. No refund shall be considered once payment is made except for conditions as stated below:
    • In the case of war, terror attack, natural disaster and any other unnatural cause affecting the participants to attend the ISEC. Only 50% of the total competition fee shall be refunded. An announcement from the authority is required for the refund to be considered effective.
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